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Welcome to the homepage of Gerber2eps!

Gerber2eps is a small console-based program. It was written in order to convert several PCB layouts from Gerber RS-274D format into EPS (Encapsulated Postscript). This collection of electronic circuits is publicly available as the " Baubuch des OV Soltau H43 im DARC e.V." (pages in German).

At the moment only a small subset of the RS-274D standard is implemented:

All measures in the input file are interpreted as mil units!

So far, Gerber2eps has only been tested with the demo version of the PCB layout program PADS that I use. Reports about experiences with other programs are welcome!

While it scans the input file, Gerber2eps detects the usage of apertures that have not yet been defined. Then you are asked to enter the aperture type and some additional parameters for it, such that Gerber2eps knows which output to produce. So be sure to have these informations at hand, either by printing out the aperture table (DOS) or by opening the file in a second window (Windows, Unix/Linux).
You can select the following apertures for the output:

The following parameters have to be entered for the apertures:

The download archives contain the source files and a Makefile. Please also regard the files README and COPYING for the terms of the GNU GPL (General Public License) and further instructions about compiling Gerber2eps and its usage.

Using Doxygen you can easily generate a documentation for the source files if you want to.


Download archives for Gerber2eps


Dirk Bächle

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I don't know if I will ever have the time to complete this program. But if I do, these are the things I'll probably take care about first:

Questions? Remarks? Suggestions? Criticism? Feel free to contact Dirk Bächle.